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Single Amaryllis

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Single Amaryllis

Single amaryllis

Buy your single amaryllis bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs. Enjoy premium quality single amaryllis and add beauty to your living room with these stunning flowers. Each single amaryllis bulb is checked by our professionals for quality, size and authenticity of variety. This guarantees that the single amaryllis bulbs you buy are of the best quality.

Ordering single amaryllis bulbs

Order your single amaryllis bulbs between August and June. Plant the single amaryllis bulb in a flowerpot and enjoy the beautiful flowers after around eight weeks. Ordering single amaryllis bulbs from our online shop is fast and simple.

Single amaryllis bulb

Queen Flowerbulbs offers you the best size single amaryllis you can buy. Our team is always looking for new and better single amaryllis varieties, which means you can buy single amaryllis bulbs from us practically all year round.

Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof

Queen Flowerbulbs and parent company Tuberbulb have been supplying flower bulbs to Keukenhof for many years. These flower bulbs are planted in our own garden at Keukenhof. Here you’ll find our flower shop, where our enthusiastic sales staff also sell single amaryllis bulbs. Unlike the other flower bulbs, you can take your single amaryllis bulbs home immediately. Single amaryllis will start flowering eight weeks after you've bought it, so you'll be able to enjoy your single amaryllis bulbs soon after your visit to Keukenhof. At Queen Flowerbulbs in Keukenhof, you'll find single amaryllis varieties that are not available elsewhere. For a truly spectacular single amaryllis, order your bulbs here or buy them at Keukenhof. In both cases, you get the biggest and best single amaryllis.