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General conditions

Article  1. General

The General Conditions of Sale are applicable to every agreement between Tuberbulb Export B.V., trading as Queen Flowerbulbs (hereafter TB) and the other party. When the other party places an order, it accepts the General Conditions of Sale.
Deviating from the Conditions of Sale can only be done with written agreement from TB and after approval has been reached. The Conditions of Sale respect the rights of the consumer according to generally applicable Dutch consumer law.

Article  2. Special offers/agreements
An agreement is established upon acceptance of your order. After payment of the order by the other party, TB is within its rights to refuse or modify an order, or to attach conditions to the content of the agreement, the mode of delivery, etc. TB is obliged to inform the other party of this within 10 (business) days, stating the reasons, and to offer the other party the opportunity to accept the change to the order or to declare the agreement invalid.

Article 3. Prices and shipment
All prices include VAT.
Gift vouchers are not included in the calculation of shipping costs.
United Kingdom: The shipping costs, including our Track & Trace service, are £9.95 per package, valid for both spring and summer bloomers.
Canada and the United States of America: For these countries the prices for the spring and summer bloomers include handling costs and the shipping costs, including Track & Trace service, are 25 euros per package.

Other countries: The shipping costs, including our Track & Trace service, are 9.95 euros per package, valid for both spring and summer bloomers. For Norway: national duties and taxes are not included in the prices. For Switzerland and Norway we charge no additional costs for inspection.

Article  4. Availability of items
If the order contains natural products, TB is committed as much as is possible to deliver the items ordered. If an item cannot be delivered due to a bad harvest, TB will offer to replace the item.

Article  5. Retention of title
Ownership, and with it the rights of ownership, as well as obligations with respect to the items ordered are transferred only once physical delivery of the goods to the other party has taken place. Until that time, TB has a duty of care with respect to the items ordered by the other party.

Article  6. Complaints, liability and responsibility
Once the ordered items have been received, the other party should immediately check that the goods received match the goods ordered and are in good condition. The other party is obliged to notify TB of any observed discrepancy in writing within seven days, supported by images of the observed discrepancy. TB is obliged to offer a suitable solution that is also fair to the other party. The other party should inform TB of the observed discrepancy via our contact page.

The other party is responsible for the correct use of the delivered goods. TB is not liable for any negative outcomes due to injudicious, improper or incorrect use or misuse of items delivered.  

Article  7. Change of address
To deliver the order correctly and on time, TB must be notified of any changes to the delivery address before 1 September. TB cannot guarantee accurate and timely delivery for changes to the delivery address that have taken place after 1 September of the year concerned.

Article  8. Packages not received
If the package is not received, for reasons other than incorrect address details, the order will be re-sent, if possible and desirable, in that same year, and otherwise the year after. No refunds will be given, only redelivery. Delivery to Croatia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Belarus is at the risk of the other party.

Article  9. Damages
Any damages caused by incorrect and/or substandard deliveries reported according to the method described in article 6 will preferably be settled by replacing the damaged items. If this is not possible, any compensation will never exceed the amount originally paid for the ordered item.

Article  10. Protection of personal data
To accept your order and to offer you the best possible service, we need some personal details from you. These details will be treated confidentially according to Dutch and European legislation, and will never be distributed to third parties.

Article 11. Returns
Should you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us within 14 days after receipt of the items. This can be done by telephone, email or in writing. We can then proceed to redeliver the same items, provide a voucher for the identical amount or refund the purchase price in full (including any shipping costs). You must return the items to us within 14 days of receipt. Reimbursement of the purchase price is paid by bank transfer within 14 days of receipt of the returned items.