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Buying fritillaria bulbs

Buy your fritillaria bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs and enjoy the beautiful colours and varieties we have to offer. Each fritillaria bulb is checked by our professionals for quality, size and authenticity of variety. This guarantees that the fritillaria bulbs you buy are of the best quality. We have selected the finest and most beautiful varieties of fritillaria to offer to you.

Ordering fritillarias

Order your fritillaria bulbs between March and November and plant them in October/November/December before the first frost. If you order your fritillaria bulbs in this period, you can enjoy the splendour of these magnificent flowers in the spring and many years to come.

History of the fritillaria

Fritillaria comes from the Latin word fritillus, which means dice cup. Other names for this plant are Crown Imperial and upside down flower, which refer to the shape of the flower or their inflorescence. Fritillarias flower from mid to late spring and are perennial. Fritillarias are also an excellent remedy against moles in your garden. If you have moles in the garden, simply plant a few fritillarias and the scent of the bulbs will repel the moles from your garden. Fritillaria bulbs are very fragile, so they should be handled with care. Each bulb has to be handled by hand to prevent damage.

Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof

Together with parent company Tuberbulb, Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof. Every year, we deliver fritillaria bulbs to the famous flower park. These fritillaria bulbs are planted in our own garden at Keukenhof. Here you’ll find our flower shop, where you can order a wide variety of flower bulbs besides fritillaria bulbs. The Keukenhof is an important showcase for fritillaria bulbs grown in the Netherlands. It is an honour for us to be able to display our fritillaria flowers in this stunning setting. The fritillaria bulbs we supply to the Keukenhof are of the same quality as those we deliver to you. Only the best fritillaria bulbs are planted here to exhibit our beautiful product. If you would like to admire our fritillaria collection in a different environment than your garden, why not visit Keukenhof in the spring?